Unleashing Blockchain Investments

Women in Blockchain Switzerland ( conducted the first of a series learning and education sessions on 5th December 2019 in Zurich. The event, sponsored by Falcon Private Bank, focused on Unleashing Blockchain Investments.

The speaker, Lidia Bolla, brings deep experience in quantitative finance, asset management, complex tech and blockchain projects. As the CEO & co-founder of vision&, a blockchain asset management company, Lidia shared her an insightful presentation on blockchain investment opportunities, based on professional investment research and integrated into a traditional banking framework. As part of her presentation, Lidia provided a comprehensive overview and development of the blockchain universe, including currencies, developer tools, as well as financial and non-financial applications. In addition, Lidia highlighted that there are trends towards increased application of blockchain technology across various industries, however there are no indications yet as to which technology will dominate. With regards to crypto currencies, Lidia shared an overview of the types of cryto assets currently available and related examples, including pure currencies, utility tokens and security tokens. However, she stressed that her confidence lies in the future development of blockchain technology rather than crypto currencies.

Lidia was later joined by Daniel Egger, Chief Strategist at Falcon Private Bank, for a candid fire-side chat on the blockchain ecosystem in Switzerland, investment trends, market developments, as well as the outlook for 2019.