Davos 2019 - recap of events & WIBS partnership with EmTech

Women In Blockchain Switzerland ( – Think Tank For Women Leaders Driving Blockchain Technology – We headed to Davos, Switzerland to host our event at the Blockchain Central, as well as participate in several blockchain events.

It has become a tradition to be in Davos towards end of January for the World Economic Forum (WEF). The little ski town becomes an international hub of creators, builders and advocates for bettering the world we live in, - in all sort of subject areas (tech, philanthropy, science, government policy makers and other specialties). As in past years, blockchain and cryptocurrencies remain one of highlights at Davos.

Countless exciting gatherings, dinners and panel discussions were organized by the Global Blockchain Business Council ( We have spent most of our time in the Blockchain Central, where many industry leaders attended from the global blockchain ecosystem attended key sessions.

We also had the pleasure to meet and engage in conversations here with Johanna Maaaghul from Odem (, Ian Forester, the CEO & founder of VR Playhouse (, and with Esther Babb, Director Business Development at Gemini (

Crypto Mountain, of Reto Gatient, has welcomed many prominent speakers, builders, creators of the global ecosystem of blockchain development, - among others Joseph Lubin, founder of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum. Joe and Tom Lyons, also of ConsenSys, tackled topics like, how much decentralization do we really need and how private permissioned systems will move to public blockchains in the close future.

ConsenSys also hosted a cocktail reception for honoring women in blockchain, where Sheila Warren of the World Economic Forum welcomed us all. She reminded the crowd to not forget our main purpose while building and to be inclusive of others in the widening the ecosystem.

We are proud to have partnered with Emerging Technologies on the week of the WEF.

EmTech Investment Meetings ( hosted various panels, meetings, curated discussions organized by Anna Palmina, of PALMINA Invest and Alena Yudina, of QL Alliance. EmTechInvestment Meetings is a not-for-profit event that brings together visionaries from all over the world who drive forward emerging technologies.

EU Parliament members, investment funds and start-ups were invited to discuss not only the technical implementation but the social impact of high-tech and investment trends.

We have enjoyed our time at the EmTech Investment Meetings, - especially the last days panel on “Bridging the gap between the Institutional World and the Digital Asset Universe”, - where Steve Kelso (Galaxy Digital), Kamram M. Khan (InfraTech Capital), Marc P. Bernegger (Crypto Finance Group), Juwan Lee (NexChange)and Yoshi Nakamura (Galaxy Digital) were discussing the next evolution of Financial Services.

Having met many beyond inspiring leaders and visionaries behind projects throughout the week, we would like to engage with and drive adoption with out of Switzerland. Following the positive experiences we shared at Davos, we look forward to facilitating more workshops, breakfast learnings and other events to encourage your involvement in the world of blockchain technology.